My mission in life has always been to be a healer, especially for women. Early on I had no idea that helping to improve the surroundings of others would bring me such sincere appreciation and new-found friendships. Being a motivated self starter, as well as having a natural inclination and ability to be nurturing, non-judgmental and organized, have guided me to become a successful professional organizer for almost 20 years.

When my last daughter turned 16 and was able to drive herself where she needed to go, many of my friends encouraged me to finally put my positive nature, energy and organizing strengths to use outside of my own home to help others.  At their request, I helped many of them conquer their clutter and organize their space.  I realized that stepping in before the situation got to the “overwhelm” stage (or after if necessary) would actually help to heal others by clearing their surroundings, and helping them to be the joyful, creative, loving beings they were meant to be,   The sometimes unrealized stress of clutter and disorganization has a way of wearing people down and stressing their immune systems.  Not all of us are cut out for “organizing.”   Many find organizing their clutter tedious and time consuming, and then they feel guilty about not doing it.  I enjoy helping women realize they have their own special strengths which need to be nurtured.  This realization can be very important in their lives and the lives of their family.

I started my successful Morganization Plus organizing business in Maryland almost 20 years ago, and after 10 years I had to move to Tucson, Arizona for a job opportunity for my husband.  My business took off again when new clients were willing to give me a chance to help them because of my excellent references, and my hourly rate was so reasonable compared to the other organizers in the area.  I was just as successful in Tucson for 9 years, and continued to keep my hourly rate reasonable and fair in order to help as many women in need of my skills as possible.

I recently moved back to Maryland to be closer to my daughters and grandchildren.  I found I have two clients still living in the area who I contacted and started to work with again immediately.  They were so excited to have me back working with them.

The “Plus” part of my business name is related to the special efforts I make to help my clients. I have been an eldercare helper for several clients who had aging parents who needed 24-hour attention and care, including feeding, bathing, doctor appointments and administration of medication and diabetes shots while my clients were at work or had to be out of town for short periods.

Another client had a serious operation and asked if I could be available over night in her hospital room as a patient care advocate since she had no family in the area.  Of course I was happy to do so and she was very thankful to have me with her to attend to every need. She was in a lot of discomfort and needed extra care that the short hospital staffing could not handle during the wee hours of the morning.

One of my clients was a breeder of Labrador and Golden retrievers.  When she suddenly had several litters at once, we spent days washing and cleaning up after puppies, taking them outside to their play areas, and then back inside as needed to their mothers.  I love animals anyway, but who doesn’t love puppies!  I almost wanted to pay her for the experience!

The main part of my business is paper/clutter control and organizing any area in your home.  If you clutter-clean, I can almost guarantee you will find unrealized space, personal growth, healing and joy.  By organizing your physical surroundings, you’ll remember the goals you have been putting on the back burner while trying to keep up with the day-to-day rat race and clutter control.  Being clutter free, having a place for everything, and thus being less caught up in material items, helps you to feel lighter and think more clearly.  Many times you end up finding things you thought were lost forever.   You might even find that your home and surroundings are more precious to you than you ever thought, once you can really see it through the “stuff”.  You may be more open to having friends just drop by, entertaining more, volunteering some of your time to a cherished cause, tackling that project you have been wanting to start, or just being able to spend more quality time with your family and friends.

Cleaning out clutter and reorganizing will find you more space than you ever thought  available to you.  I’ve saved clients thousands of dollars getting them out of monthly rented storage by JUST ORGANIZING space. Organizing can also put money in your pocket through tax deductible donations of items you no longer want or need, or having a yard sale which I could orchestrate.

Do you keep buying things because you can’t find where you put an item you know you bought already, or maybe you just plain forgot you had it?  De-cluttering saves an amazing amount of money by just knowing where everything is.

Hands-on help by a professional organizer is a wonderful support when dealing with the growing chaos of life today.   It can be a sanity saver by improving efficiency in your life as well as in the household! Being organized automatically gives you a feeling of more control in general.  I have become so familiar with the households of many of my clients that they just give me the lead on what area in the house that’s bugging them most at the moment and I tackle it by myself first.  If I know where an item goes, I put it away for them.  I organize what I can and then make orderly small “piles” to go through together, keeping like things together in a manner that is not overwhelming for my client.  With my energy, direction, and lightheartedness, clients are amazed at how quickly the entire cluttered area is in perfect order and they have more space than they every realized.

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